Hello Friends,
I have finally had some time to tool around and get this new blog up and running.  As much as I enjoyed the reprieve from writing and posting, I did find that being without a space to announce news and share new work started to feel odd and incomplete.  So, here I am. Again! Honestly, I don't really have a plan. Who knows what will happen in this space?  I am thinking; Things that inspire. Meanderings. Process notes. Photos of things totally unrelated to clay. Maybe a recipe here and there. I am still in the process of getting it all situated so some of the links may be wonky.  Please bear with me. Also, I've decided to not have comments as I just can't keep up with the correspondence involved with having an open forum. But,PLEASE, feel free to visit anytime and wander about.

It's nice to be back after my long slumber.