The Year Is Already Ending...

And I barely said much here.
Honestly it has been an effort to keep my head on straight with all the things I have been working on these past months.  That is a good thing. I think.  And now here I am sitting still for a moment and I remembered I had a blog.  Ha! Anyhow, I'd like to begin sharing again. Even if it is sporadic.
Oh and I am gearing up for my holiday baking fest.  Those of you who know a little about me know that my family is Hungarian.  Every Christmas I bake beiglis (pastries eaten in Hungary during the holidays) and bring them to gatherings hoping my American friends won't be freaked out by eating rolls filled with a thick paste of poppy seeds.  And that they won't have to go through any job related drug testing for few weeks if they do eat the beigli.

my 2009 beigli on one of my plates with my S&P cellars
I can't give away my secret recipe which really is a combination of a recipe from a cookbook and two other people's secret recipes.  But if you are so inclined and would like to make them yourself you can find the recipe here
boar    pig    quail
I ended the year making some pieces that were inspired by the warm yellow country ware you see in rural parts of Europe.  I kinda love them for their homespun ease.  
And who doesn't love a fat pig?

If these guys don't sell at my final sale I will load them into my shop toute suite! 

*Happy Holidays Friends*