Workin' the Workshop

Well after two weeks of working behind the computer I am happy to announce that  something has come out of it.
Unfortunately it's NOT my new website. Yet. 
It's almost done. I promise. But dang it sure is a lot of work.

 I've been wanting to host a lighter style workshop in my studio for the past year and a half in a more regular way but I always seemed to get derailed by other projects.  So before the year became over scheduled I decided to block out dates and make them happen.
I am happy to announce that I will be hosting three workshops out of my Bayview studio. 
One in February.  One in March.  And one in April
  We will work on tiles and focus on various surface techniques. The workshops are designed for all skill levels in clay so if you have no idea what a cone or quartz conversion is you'll still be good.  I do want to mention that these are not the same as my longer workshops that will be I teaching in July and September here and here.  I will not be teaching my etching techniques as the process is quite extensive and takes more than one day to teach.  I promise though, you'll come away from your day in the studio having learned some inspiring new ways to work and that can be translated to any clay surface.