New Website & My Blog Has Moved

Hello Friends,
I am happy to announce, that after years of many unsuccessful attempts, I finally have a shiny new website!  Also I will no longer be posting blog posts here as I have a new blog on the website. 

My new website has everything in one place so no need to have blogs and shops and who knows what else spread all over the interwebs. You'll find it all here!



The Clayer: Surfacing is Back!

Hello Friends,
 I am excited to announce that registration for the Winter/Spring session of my ecourse, The Clayer: Surfacing (Part One) in now open!

Please click here for more information about the course and how to sign up!
*See* you in class!


Get Creative!

2012 was a fun year. A very fun year! 
I launched my e-course and had the most amazing experience of meeting, teaching and interacting with a virtual class, from all over the world, of 139 students.  I traveled to many wonderful locations and taught workshops at places that, I never in my wildest dreams, thought I'd be invited to teach at.  Then there was Creativebug.  This new start up company in San Francisco, brainchild of the the enthusiastic and effervescent Jeanne Lewis and her fabulous creative team,  offering a smorgasbord of craft and art classes, online, via a monthly subscription, Not only does Creativebug offer an amazing array of classes, a part of their profit is donated to non-profit art organizations.  An all you can make smorgasbord while giving back! 
I spent a couple of weeks filming with the talented, fun, kind, interesting and goofy film crew from Creativebug and got a wee sense of what it feels like to be Martha Stewart.  A beautiful trailer was made about little ol' me.  Classes to make handmade clay spoons, driftwood mobiles, the ever elusive Mishima technique and most recently, printed ceramics with your own carved rubber blocks, stream, effortlessly in sections that let you keep pace of what is being taught, along with plenty of close up shots so you can see how things are done. I know, you're dying to watch them yourself to see (and learn how) to make all these fun things. Well, it's easy. You can do it two ways. One way is to sign up for Creativebug's monthly membership, which will get you into ALL the classes. So you can get your sew, knitting, bookmaking, soap making, felting AND clay on.
 Or you can do it A' La Carte style and just take the class you want.

Sign up here for the monthly subscribtions.
And if you'd like to only to take my individual classes, here are direct links to mine.

Hand Stamped (Printed) Ceramics
Ceramic Spoons
Driftwood Mobile

Go on now. 
Get creative!


Painting Rocks With Louie

There is a sweet video up on Creativebug of me painting rocks  along with my dog Louie being cute.  
If you ask me, Louie steals the show!
This is how you paint rocks with a dog in your lap
Also, Creativebug will be adding my  new "Printed Ceramics" online workshop on January 24th. If you haven't already seen my Mishima, Clay Spoons and Driftwood Mobile workshops, sign up to watch them here

If you'd like purchase my painted stones (and clay scoops) you can do so here at my new rock shop, Stone & Clay. Sorry, the dog is not for sale. ; )


The Clayer: Update

Hello and Happy New Year!

I've been receiving many emails asking me when and if I will be re-launching my online e-course The Clayer: Surfacing? The answer is, yes! I had initially intended to have it start up again in January (if you go to the page, it says as much.) As often happens, my good intentions have been a bit delayed as I am still finishing up some projects in the studio from 2012 and haven't had much time to sit at my desk and get all the details together to re-launch it. It's almost there, so please hang in there. I will post it here, as well as on facebook and twitter when the registration opens. Also, if you haven't already, please sign up for my newsletter (here on the blog, in the sidebar) to be notified when it will begin.

 Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in the class, I can't wait to run it again and meet YOU!